Help and advice from Gumlet Team

Gumlet is cloud-based realtime image resizing and manipulation service, image server and CDN. It's aimed to simplify image manipulation, storage on server and delivery for mobile devices.

You can get started with Gumlet in a few minutes and get more than 50% improvement in image load time as soon as you switch. Gumlet helps deliver highly optimized images on your websites and mobile apps without worrying about setting up or maintaining your image delivery and transformation infrastructure. You can plug your existing image storage servers like webserver, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage or DigitalOcean Spaces. All images, original or transformed, new or old, are delivered from our high-performance servers and distributed using CloudFront CDN.

In a nutshell, when you optimize your images through Gumlet you get improved page load speed, boost SEO ranking and enhance user experience.

You just need a free Gumlet account to get started. You can create one here.

How it works

Gumlet service sits beween your users and your image storage and automatically keeps delivering most optimised images to end users.

Image Delivery Pipeline

Gumlet service includes origin cache, image resize and optimization service, processed cache and CloudFront Global CDN. You are free to choose storage of your choice and you always retain control over your original master images. This also helps you stay away from vendor lock-in.

Gumlet works by fetching image from the storage you specify, manipulate in realtime and deliver it. All parameters for image manipulation are supplied as query string parameters. The URL can be used anywhere including in <img> tag.

<img src="">

Gumlet is designed to be fast. Our server side processing algorithms use native C++ code and GPUs to get best speed possible for image manipulation. We have image processing servers in San Francisco, Frankfurt and Singapore. This means your images are processed in facility near to your users. This combined with our global CDN ensures that your users always get fastest image delivery.

Getting Started