Need Help?

Here are resources to get help quickly.

Help Center

The help center on the dashboard is the easiest way to get help when you are stuck. It allows you to search our open community for any Q&A and also gives you guidelines for support email id and chat.

Gumlet Help Center

Gumlet Help Center

Community Portal

That brings us to our community portal. It's a portal where users and Gumlet team members hang-out and help each other. If you are not sharing any sensitive information, we encourage you to post your question on our community help and support section and you should get a response in no time.

Community is also a great place to stay updated about the latest features, announcements and news. You can easily join the community by just clicking Log in button.

Feedback Portal and Roadmap

We are always listening to your feedback and a great way to send us suggestions is through our feedback portal. Our product team is super active and you will get idea about what feature will be prioritised and when.

When you first visit the portal, you are greeted with our roadmap so you exactly know what was shipped in the past and what is being planned. If you don't see your suggestion here, we request you to send your suggestion along with a real-world use case so we can empathise with your suggestion and get it prioritised faster.

Once you submit a suggestion, we will keep you in the loop about its expected ship date and any updates.

Gumlet feedback portal

Gumlet feedback portal

G2 Review

Last but not least, if you enjoy using Gumlet, please spare a few minutes to leave us a feedback on G2. It not only boosts the morale of our team but also helps other users make informed decisions.

Believe it or not, a single review also helps us immensely so please do leave us a review when you can.