How Gumlet Works

Gumlet service sits between your users and your image storage. It automatically keeps delivering the most optimized images to end-users.


Gumlet service includes origin cache, image resize and optimization service, processed cache, and CloudFront Global CDN. You may choose any storage for your original images. You always retain control over your original master images. This also helps you stay away from any vendor lock-in.

Gumlet works by fetching images from the storage you specify, manipulate them in real-time, and deliver them. All parameters for image manipulation are supplied as query string parameters. The URL can be used anywhere, including in <img> tag.

<img src="">

Gumlet is designed to be fast. Our server-side processing algorithms use native C++ code and GPUs to get the best image processing speed. We have image processing servers in San Francisco, Frankfurt, and Singapore. This means your images are processed in a facility near to your users. This, combined with our global CDN, ensures that your users always get the fastest image delivery.