Getting Started

Get started with video streaming platform in minutes

Once you log in to the Gumlet dashboard, we have a collection for you to experience the video platform. Your processed videos in a collection look like this:

A video collection

A video collection

Let us take you through video collections, video processing templates, file uploads, and streaming.

1. Create Video Collection

A video collection is an efficient system to manage your videos, just like an album where you store multiple media files. You can either upload videos in a collection or point us to the storage if you use a different storage system for your original videos.

You can create a collection by clicking on the + Add New Collection button on the collections page.

Create video collection

Video collections

2. Manage Your Videos

You can upload videos to a collection by clicking on + Process New Video button.

A video collection

A video collection

Choose from the video processing template (Video Profiles) or process videos with specific parameters.

Video processing

Video processing

Refer to our Video Delivery Format guide to choosing the best output format for your use case. If you are not sure, we suggest selecting HLS and moving ahead.

3. Process a Video

This is where the magic happens! Choose files from your device and add tags to refer to later. You can also import from different storage providers like Google Drive, Dropbox, from a link, or other available providers.

Just hit the Done button and share the instantly transcoded video immediately.

File upload and import

File upload and import

Tip: You can upload multiple videos in one go.

Gumlet provides tons of configurations to customize your videos. Read complete documentation about how to use them.

For processing your videos, you might need to select the configurations repeatedly. Gumlet provides video profiles. Go to Profiles and click 'Create Video Profile' to arrive at the following screen.

Video Profile

Video Profile

4. Start Streaming! πŸš€

Videos will typically be processed and available to stream within 1/3rd the duration of the video. Yet, thanks to our instant transcoding feature, you can use the playable URL to stream the video on any player of your choice or share the video page.

Video customization

Tip: You can embed videos in a customizable player provided by Gumlet to match your brand.



You can configure webhooks and automate the video processing pipeline. You can find more information on how to setup here.

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