Getting Started

Start using video streaming platform in minutes

Once you login to the Gumlet dashboard. There would be a new Video option available on the left side menu. Please click the Collections option to reach the following screen.

1. Create Video Collection

Video collection is a place where all your videos will reside. Think this like your photo and video album. If you are storing original videos to some other storage system, this is place where you can point us to the storage where your original videos are stored.

Click the "+ Add New Collection" button and set up a collection.

2. Manage Your Videos

Once the collection is created. Click the "Video Manager" button to arrive at the following screen.

This is where all the videos that are processed using Gumlet will show up. You can start processing your first video by clicking the "Process New Video" button.

3. Process a Video

This is where the magic happens! Provide your input video URL. Add a tag using which you can refer it later. Select the output format and hit the process video button to optimize it.

Refer to our Video Delivery Format guide to choosing the best output format for your use case. If you are not sure, just select HLS and move ahead.

There are a ton of more options for you to choose further customization on video. Read full documentation about them on how to use.

You can avoid these settings for each and every video by creating a video profile and use them to process new videos. Go to 'Profiles' from the left side panel and click on 'Create Video Profile' to arrive at the following screen.

4. Start Streaming! ๐Ÿš€

Depending on the length of your video. It will be processed within a few seconds or a few minutes. Once the status changes to ready you can embed the video anywhere on the web or mobile and start playing!



You can configure the webhook here and make the whole video processing pipeline automated. You can find more information on the webhook here.

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