Quick Start Guide

In-depth guide about different configurations of image source.

Add Source

Creating an image source is the first step toward delivering optimized images. Image source gives Gumlet information about how to fetch your original image and also allows different configuration options.

To create an image source, visit the Create Image Source and select a source.

Source Types

You can select from different source types depending on how you are getting started with Gumlet. Each source types have different storage backends supported and at the end of source creation, you will get a full guide on how to set up image delivery in the most efficient way.

You can refer to our Original Media Storage guide to check supported storage backends.

CDN & Custom Domain

A content delivery network (CDN) will be used by Gumlet to accelerate the delivery of your images and other static files. Free and Pro Plan users can choose Gumlet CDN, which has 8 Point of Presence (PoPs) worldwide. Business, Appsumo lifetime deal, and Enterprise users can select AWS Cloudfront as a CDN option.

Go through this document ] for more information on a custom domain.