Import Zoom Recordings

Import Zoom cloud recordings automatically to Gumlet

Add Zoom as a source in your collection. All the new recordings will be optimized and added to your collection.

Create a Zoom source

Navigate to the create collection page and select Zoom as the Origin Type.

Generate a Secret Token

You need to generate a secret token from your Zoom account. Here is the step-wise guide to generate a secret token in your Zoom account and get recordings whenever finished.

Create a Zoom App

Go to the Zoom App Creation page and create a Webhook Only app.

Zoom App

Once you fill in the important details for the app, you need to set up permissions to send events to Gumlet.

Enable Event Subscriptions

Enable Event Subscriptions

Copy the Secret Token from the above screen and add it to the Collection settings in Gumlet here.

Subscribe to Recordings Completed Event

Click on the Add Event Subscription button and add the endpoint URL as{collection_id}, replace {collection_id} with the actual collection ID from your dashboard.

Add webhook URL

Add webhook URL

Click the Validate button to confirm the URL is correct.

Click the Add Events button to select the required event to share the recording information with Gumlet.

Select All Recordings Completed

Select All Recordings Completed

Save the settings and Continue. Your app is activated now. All new recordings will now be processed to Gumlet automatically.

Note: You need to have a paid Zoom account for this feature to work. The cloud recordings are available only to paid members.