Publish First Video

Embed, share or use the playback URLs

On the video details page, the Embed & Share button will allow you to publish your videos.

Video Details Page

Video Details Page

Embed Video

To play videos on your website, blog, or any other CMS, Gumlet's embed code is an easy way to get started. It has a player, video meta configuration, SEO snippet, and security features. You can configure your player settings under Player Customizations.

Embed Video

Embed Video

Tip: For advanced embed parameters, check it out here.

Embed in Email

With Gumlet, you can Embed Videos in your emails and take the reader to a specific page with the video. You can customize the embeddable thumbnail size and the destination URL. Select an email client for native support and Copy Embed Code to engage your audience.


There are multiple options to share your videos. You can share a video page, thumbnail, playback, and mp4 URLs.

Share URL

A Gumlet-hosted video page that can be shared with your audience across emails, social media, and other channels without designing a page. It supports all the configurations that you configured for your collection.

Thumbnail URL

The thumbnail can be used as a poster to promote a movie, series, course, or session. The thumbnail URL supports all image operations listed here.

Playback URL

We provide you with two types of playback URLs:

  • M3U8


The MP4 is a widely used format across different platforms, CMS, and apps. You can directly use the MP4 URL within the HTML's video tag.