On-the-fly Video Optimization

A guide to optimize video on the fly

The on-the-fly video optimization works similarly to image optimization, i.e., fetch a video URL, and the video will be optimized and processed to your account.

Note: This is available to selected users only. Reach out to chat support for further info.

  • Setup an image source
  • Our tech team must configure the source to enable on-the-fly optimization.
  • Fetch a video through the Gumlet Subdomain example.gumlet.io/file.mp4 and the video will be pushed to the video optimization pipeline.
  • For now, you can width w and height h in the query parameters to choose height and width. However, we are working to provide more params support in the OTF video optimization.
    A sample URL with params: example.gumlet.io/file.mp4?w=1920&h=1080
  • The processed file will be sent to the configured collection and the settings used were of the same collection.

A scalable solution to process videos on the fly for large enterprises.