Fairplay DRM

Reference for protecting videos with Fairplay DRM

Gumlet allows you to protect your video content with encryption using Apple Fairplay DRM (Digital rights management). We have developed and deployed Fairplay Streaming Server which is also called Key Server Module (KSM) so you don't have to worry about complex Fairplay protocol implementation.

To enable Fairplay DRM for your organization you need to perform the following steps.

Request Fairplay Deployment Package

  1. Please go to the Apple FairPlay page.
  2. Click on the link to Request Deployment Package. You need to have a developer account before this.
  3. If you are an organization you should use the organization account for this purpose. Companies outside the USA need to obtain a DUNS number in order to create an organization account.
  4. After proceeding further, you should see a form to request the deployment package.

Create Fairplay Credentials

  1. After completing the step mentioned above, you should have received an FPS_deployment package file from Apple. Open the zip file. You should find a PDF document titled FPSCertificateCreationGuide.pdf.
  2. This PDF describes creating an RSA key pair and then getting the public key signed by Apple. In the process, it also generates an ASK (Application Service Key). This key is a 32-character alphanumeric string associated with your Fairplay DRM.
  3. At the end of this step you should have three files: certificate.der (certificate), private_key.pem and hardcoded_dask.bin file containing the ASK.

Add Fairplay Credentials to Gumlet

To add your Fairplay Credentials to Gumlet, you need to get a hexadecimal string representation of data in the certificate, private key, and ASK files. Use the following commands to create a hex representation for the files.

openssl x509 -inform DER -in certificate.der -outform PEM -out certificate.pem && xxd -p -c 10000 certificate.pem
xxd -p -c 10000 private_key.pem

If your private key has a passphrase, you should also add a passphrase on the Gumlet panel along with the private key.

Fairplay ASK should already be in HEX format when given by Apple.

Once you have a hexadecimal string representation of data for all three files using the above-mentioned commands, you can copy and paste those details in their specific fields in DRM Credentials page.