What is Gumlet?

Publishing a video online on your own, without using popular video hosting platforms like YouTube is hard. It involves transcoding your original video files in various resolutions, figuring out correct bitrates, selecting the optimal formats, and many other settings. Not to mention the computing cost, engineering efforts, and time spent to build and maintain a tech pipeline.

To avoid all of the above, Gumlet has built a video product that offers:

⚡️Automatic Optimisation: Get the highest video compression output while keeping the video quality the same.

🔌 HLS and Dash Support: The output streams can be played on any device/browser / OS using a video player

🤖 Auto Format: The output video stream will have multiple formats available. (HLS or MPEG-DASH). This lets the client device choose the most efficient stream.

🌼 Single, Simple, Solution: We manage and optimize the entire pipeline of transcoding > storage > streaming for you.

🌎 CDN delivery: As always, the videos are delivered via a world-class low latency CDN best viewing experience.

🛠 Powerful API: Many operations like overlay, crop, clip, etc. are available. Read documentation.

🔐 DRM Support: Protect your content with DRM to prevent unauthorised access and downloads.