Import from Vimeo

Get rid of Vimeo with this migration guide

Have you been using Vimeo to host and manage your videos? We have got a quick way to import all the videos to Gumlet.

Here is a quick webinar to get started:


  • An active Vimeo Standard and higher or Vimeo Pro or higher plan
  • A paid account with Gumlet (if not, you can subscribe to a plan here)

Now head over to Import Page. You will find Vimeo and click on connect, and you will need a personal token from Vimeo to import your videos.

Import Page

Generate a token on Vimeo

To generate a token from Vimeo, follow the following steps:

Create a Vimeo app

Navigate to Vimeo app creation page and enter

Create Vimeo App

Create Vimeo App

Enter an app name and description and check the I agree to terms and click on the Create App button.

Generate a Personal Token

Head to Personal Access Tokens and select the options as selected in the image below:

Generate a token

Generating token

Choose Authenticated (you) followed by checking the Private and Video Files checkboxes.

Click on Generate button and copy the token to add to the Gumlet Migration Dashboard.

Final Steps to Import

Once the token is verified, you can preview which folders and videos are there to import.

Select files and folders to import

Select a Profile

Select a profile to process your imported videos. All the files will be imported and processed automatically based on the selected Video Profile.

Select a Destination

The destination is where all your imported videos will be stored. This is the same as the collection. Select a collection from the list, and we will process and keep your videos in the selected collection.

Select Files & Folders

Select files and folders that you want to import to Gumlet. We will automatically create folders and move files to corresponding folders.

Clicking the Import Videos button will start the Import.

Import Progress

Import Progress

Sit back and relax. We will do all the heavy work to import and process videos for you.

You will find all your Imported Videos in the selected collection.

Update Embed Code

All your videos are imported to Gumlet. If you use Vimeo Embeds, you must replace your URL prefix with a Gumlet prefix to support the same URL structure to play your videos directly.

Vimeo Embed URL looks like

Replace with

Your new URL will be like

Happy Streaming.