User Management

You can add multiple users under your organization with different levels of access. Your role will be Owner and you can add users with the following roles. The owner has some special abilities which no other role has like adding users, access to billing details, access to the API key.

  • developer: Has access to add, update and delete sources.
  • analyst: Has access to a complete analytical dashboard.
  • accountant: Has access to complete billing panel. Can view invoices, pay bills.
  • admin: Has access to 'developer', 'analyst' and 'accountant'. The only limitation with this role is this can not add user, access to billing details & API key.
  • source-specific: Has access to some specific sources and their analytics.
  • video-developer: Has access to create and delete video assets and video profiles.
  • video-analyst: Has access to video usage and video insights.
  • video-admin: Has access to 'video-developer' and 'video-analyst'.
  • video-source-specific: Has access to some specific video collections and their usage and insights.
  • owner: Has all the access.

Add New User

Click on Manage Users under the 'Organization' section, click on 'Add User'. Provide Email-ID, and select role and login type.

Manage Users

All users are visible under Manage Users under the 'Organization' section. 'Owner' can edit role of any existing user or delete it.