Imgix to Gumlet

Easy and quick migration from Imgix to Gumlet.

Gumlet supports the majority of important imgix parameters. Any parameter having an invalid value will be discarded and will not have any effect on output. Below is the list of imgix parameters that Gumlet can support.

Supported Parameters

  • compress
  • enhance
  • fm (format)
  • q (quality)
  • dpr
  • con (contrast)
  • bri (brightness)
  • gam (gamma)
  • hue
  • invert
  • sat (saturation)
  • sharp
  • pad
  • chromasub
  • cs (colorspace)
  • page
  • ar (aspect ratio)
  • crop
  • h (height)
  • w (width)
  • rect
  • fit
  • blur
  • trim
  • txt
  • txt-align
  • txt-color
  • txt-font
  • txt-size
  • txt-pad
  • txt-lead


Heads up!

If you are using a parameter that is not available on this list, please contact us at [email protected]. We will be happy to add it for you!

What do I need to do for this migration?

  1. Please check the above list making sure that, that you are not using any imgix parameters outside of the list.
  2. Signup to Gumlet if you don't have Gumlet account.
  3. Go to 'Images' from the left side menu and click on 'Sources'. Click on '+ Create New Source' and select 'Imgix'.
  4. Provide your source details. You can refer to our Original Media Storage guide to check more on storage backends.
  5. Once done update the Imgix hostname from your end with the newly created Gumlet hostname.