Video Settings

When you go inside a video details page by clicking on Edit Details or Video thumbnail in the Video CMS, you will see the complete details of that video, including thumbnail replacement, editing subtitles, adding video chapters, and much more.

Video details page

Video details page

Video Preview

Previous your video and make changes to the video before publishing it to your app, website, or social media. The player shown in the video preview page reflects the configuration selected in the player settings.


Update the title to be informative, crisp, and helpful. This is available at the top of the video details page and you can also edit it inline in the video CMS listing.


Add meaningful descriptions, and notes for the audience to learn more about the video quickly. This will enable them to understand the video context and content before watching. You can add bullet points, modify the style (bold/italic/underline/headings), and add hyperlinks.


Add tags to manage videos in your video CMS.


You can customize your thumbnail by uploading an image or GIF from your device. You can also select a frame from the video to add a thumbnail.

The thumbnail URL supports all image operations listed here.

Video Engagement

Gumlet offers tools to engage and educate your audience such as multi-lingual subtitles, video chapters, CTAs, etc. Explore all the tools to increase brand recall, sales, and retention rates here.

Video Privacy

Add the privacy settings to your videos to make them available to a limited set of users.


By default, all videos uploaded to Gumlet are public. These videos are indexable and searchable through Google search engine and others.

Password Protected

Add a password to showcase the videos to a limited set of users. Your audience can only access the video if they have the correct password. You can change or remove the password as and when required.


These are like Unlisted videos. Only people with the correct video URL have access to it. The private videos are not indexed on search engines.

Replace Video

You can replace the video content without actually changing the video URL. Your title, description, tags, and other settings remain intact except the subtitles (if generated), and thumbnail.

Download Original

Gumlet stores the original version of your uploaded videos. You can download them through the video details page.

In some cases, the video is not available to download, because the video was not stored with Gumlet as per your processing settings. If you want to change this setting, contact our chat support.
Note: Only newly uploaded videos will be downloadable after changing the settings.

Delete Video

When you don't want a specific video on Gumlet or want to free up some space, deleting the asset is your go-to setting.

Technical Details

Find all the technical details from video uploads to processing to be ready for streaming in one place.

You can find information about:

  • who uploaded and when
  • what was the original video metadata
  • when your video started processing and when it was ready to stream
  • what are the different types of URLs to stream your video across the internet
Video timeline

Video timeline

If you are a developer or understand APIs, dive deeper into the JSON data of the video.