Cloudinary to Gumlet

Easy and quick migration for cloudinary to gumlet.


Gumlet made it easier for Cloudinary users to migrate to Gumlet. We introduced the path style parameter for Cloudinary users. This means we now support "f_auto,q_auto:best,w_1200" style parameters in our Gumlet URLs too. We cover mostly all parameters and they have listed in below table. An parameter beyond the list or having an invalid value will be discarded and will not have any effect on output. The following is the list of Cloudinary parameters that Gumlet can support:

Supported parameters

OptionsExampleSupported values
widthw_100 / w_0.4
heighth_100 / h_0.4
aspect ratioar_4:3
gravityg_northnorth, north_west, north_east, west, center, east, south, south_west, south_east, face
xx_20 / x_0.3
yy_20 / y_0.3
fetch formatf_pngpng, jpeg, jpg, webp, gif, tiff, avif, heif, row, json, auto
effecte_hue:40hue, brightness, grayscale, saturation, tint, gamma, trim, blur, sharpen,
borderbo_4px_solid_black / bo_3px_solid_rgb:00390b
color_spacecs_srgbsrgb, cmyk, no_cmyk
cropc_fitscale, fit, limit, pad, fill, crop
anglea_20 / a_vflip / a_hflip
overlayl_text / l_fetchtext & image


Contact us!

If you have any Cloudinary parameter which is not listed above then please write us to [email protected] and we will look into it.

What do I need to do for this migration?

  1. Check the above list, that you are not using any Cloudinary parameters outside of the list.
  2. Signup to Gumlet if you don't have Gumlet account.
  3. Create a Cloudinary source by providing a cloud name.
  4. Once the source is created, update the hostname from your end.