Manage plans, payment methods, invoices and billing details.

You get all your billing information for your organization in a single place on the Billing Page.

Current Plan

You can see which plan you are subscribed to and have options to upgrade / downgrade plan.

This section also gives you detailed information about usage in the current month.

Current plan section on billing page on Gumlet dashboard

Current plan section on the billing page

Upcoming Invoice

Apart from the usage shown above, you also get an estimated invoice in this section. Please note this information is updated daily so usage of current day will not be shown here. The upcoming invoice section is useful for you to understand how you will be charged at the end of the month and prevents any surprises.

Payment Method

You can add / remove / change payment methods used to pay for your subscription. If you add a new card and want to use it as a default payment method, you can mark it as primary by clicking Set Primary button against that saved card.

Please note that you can't remove your primary payment method if you have an active subscription. If you want to remove all payment methods, you must downgrade to a free plan first.

Your card information is completely secure. We use Stripe to store your card information and process payments.

Payment methods on Gumlet dashboard

Payment methods

Billing Details

If you want to change the details on your invoices, you can do so by updating the information here. This page allows you to edit the company name, GST / VAT details and billing address.

Please note that we don't collect taxes in many geographies where we don't cross the tax threshold. If we do, we will inform you in advance when we start collecting taxes.


You can access all your past invoices here. The table shows the invoice amount as well as the payment status of the invoice. You can easily download any invoice as a PDF. If you have any unpaid invoices, you can click the Payment Info button to see the invoice and pay it.

Billing Alerts

There might be a situation where you want to stay informed about your upcoming costs. Gumlet gives you the ability to set billing alerts via email. You can define the threshold amount and the email list where you want to receive the alert.

Please note, that the alert is only sent once when the threshold is crossed in a given month.

Set a billing alert

Set a billing alert