Usage Analytics

Get detailed usage statistics for video processing and streaming

The usage Analytics section shows account-wide or collection-wise usage statistics. All Gumlet usage is calculated on a single metric: input video minutes. Customers are charged for no. of storage minutes, minutes transcoded, and streaming bandwidth.

In the top-right corner, you can find the selection for collection and the month for which the usage is displayed.

Aggregated Stats

This first section shows aggregated stats for the entire month. It includes details of all 3 parameters of transcoding minutes, storage minutes, and streaming bandwidth.

Aggregated monthly usage stats

Aggregated monthly usage stats

Streaming, Transcoding & Storage Usage

These charts show daily minutes of storage, transcode, and bandwidth. Please note that storage minutes are the cumulative value of all videos. Streaming and transcoding minutes are calculated per usage in a given month.

Top Streaming Assets

You can check the top 5 most streamed assets in this table. This table also has the View More button, which shows the top 100 most streamed videos and their links to the asset manager.

Top streamed asset table on Gumlet Dashboard

Top streamed asset table on Gumlet Dashboard