Frequently asked questions for all your video needs

How do I download my original videos?

You can download the original video from the video settings page. Go to Video CMS and click on the video you want to download. On the right side panel, you will see a menu named Download. Click the menu and you will get a link to download the original.

How do I allow users to download videos?

You can easily allow your users to download videos. First, you need to enable MP4 processing on Processing Settings. Once that is enabled, you can visit Player Settings page and then enable Show download button.

How can I prevent screenshots when DRM is enabled?

To prevent screenshots when DRM is enabled, make sure you have enabled DRM in your video profile settings. Please check this: https://gumlet.tv/watch/65dedb6f20c39971cd19c1b8/

Please note, that if the DRM level is L3, it's not possible to prevent screenshots. You can read more about DRM levels here: https://docs.gumlet.com/reference/widevine-drm

How to implement AVOD in Gumlet video?]

The AVOD can be implemented with the help of a VAST Tag URL. Please refer to our documentation: VAST Tag Documentation

Is there a feature similar to YouTube that suggests related videos to play at the end of a video?

Currently, we do not have a built-in feature that provides algorithmic suggestions for related videos at the end of a video. Please upvote here https://feedback.gumlet.com/feature-requests/p/related-videos