Video Engagement

Make your videos more engaging to your audience


Based on configurations in the video profiles, we will auto-generate subtitles in the selected languages. You can edit the AI-generated subtitles at your convenience.

AI-generated subtitles

You can configure the AI-based subtitles before processing. You can select up to 4 languages to generate automated subtitles and let your audience choose the language they need.

Upload custom subtitles

Upload SRT files directly to your videos. Select a language and upload the SRT to process your video with the custom subtitles.

Video Chapters

The video chapters help add an index to your video content. You can add chapters to your videos to make them engaging and helpful for viewers.

Steps to add chapters:

  • Move the timeline marker to add the chapter
  • Click on the clock icon on the right side to pick the marker time
  • Add a chapter label
  • Keep adding chapters as per your need and save it.

CTA (call to action)

The CTAs are essential for brands to take their audience to Product Pages, Websites, or custom destinations. Configure call-to-action to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

Click on `**Add Call to Action**` to add CTAs

Click on Add Call to Action to add CTAs

You can customize your CTA:

  • position
  • background and font color
  • destination URL and behavior
  • entry and exit time

A sample CTA looks like this:


You can add as many as CTAs you want.