How Gumlet Video Works

Gumlet service sits between your users and your video storage. With the help of Gumlet, you can deliver the most optimized videos to your end users.

Gumlet video service consists of three components mainly, processing servers, storage, and our global CDN network which consists of AWS Cloudfront, Fastly etc . You may choose any storage for your original videos. You always retain control over your original videos. This also helps you stay away from any vendor lock-in.

Once you configure your original video storage service with Gumlet, processing a video is just one API call away. You can find documentation for Gumlet Video APIs here Once an API has been made for a particular video in your original video storage, you will receive a URL in the API call response which you can use in your video player, and start streaming the video. On the processing part, Gumlet video processing server will fetch the video from your storage service, it will optimize and transcode the video in a specified format along with the specified configuration. The processed video will be stored in Gumlet storage which can be delivered with the help of the Fastly global CDN service managed by Gumlet.

Gumlet is designed to be fast. Our server-side processing algorithms use native C++ code and GPUs to get the best video processing speed. Our instant transcoding feature allows you to start streaming videos instantly and not wait for the whole video to be transcoded. This, combined with our global CDN, ensures that your users always get the fastest and most seamless video experience.
All of our TLS certificates are now ECC and uses ECDSA for handshake. This future-proofs us in terms of security while giving tens of milliseconds loading time improvements for mobile devices.