Non-image Files

Get details on how Gumlet handles non-image files

Gumlet supports delivering non-image files via our CDN. If you try to deliver those files, we will not process them and will deliver them as is without modifying them.

JS and CSS files are exceptions to this rule.

Minify JS and CSS Files

Gumlet minifies JS and CSS files to remove whitespaces and redundant codes. This never breaks your files but makes them smaller and more efficient to be delivered on the network.

Your JS and CSS files are delivered with cache times which match your origin cache-controlheader so you can always rely on us to deliver fresh files without any need to purge the cache.

We will skip minifying the files which have .min in their name.


Want to disable it?

If you want to disable this behaviour, you can pass jsminify=falseor cssminify=falsein parameter and we will disable it. Alternatively you can also set default parameters as source level.