This page will help you get started with Gumlet REST APIs.

The Gumlet API is organized around REST. Our API has predictable resource-oriented URLs, accepts JSON-encoded request bodies, returns JSON-encoded responses, and uses standard HTTP response codes, authentication, and verbs.


The API uses Gumlet API tokens to authenticate requests. You can generate and manage your tokens in the dashboard on the API Keys page.

Authentication to the API is performed via HTTP Bearer Token Authentication. You can provide your token in Authorization header in the following format

Authorization: Bearer <<apiKey>>

Rate Limits

Gumlet servers enforce rate limits to ensure our APIs are responsive as we grow. The rate limit is tied to an account and set to 1000 requests per hour. If your team would like a higher rate limit, please reach out to our sales team.



Live video streaming features and APIs are in private alpha. Please contact us at [email protected] to try it out.

Error Codes

Gumlet uses HTTP response status codes to indicate the success or failure of your API requests. If your request fails, Gumlet returns an error using the appropriate status code.

There are three types of status codes:

2xx: Success status codes confirm that your request worked as expected.
4xx: Error status codes indicate an error due to the invalid input.
5xx: Error status codes indicate an error with Gumlet's servers

Error Code



One or more require parametere is missing on given input.


Input collection id is invalid, please get the correct collection id from Gumlet dashboard.


Input profile id is invalid, please get the correct collection id from Gumlet dashboard.


Input video URL you have provided is invalid while create asset API call.


Input asset id is invalid, please get the correct collection id from Gumlet dashboard.


Number of URLs allowed in single bulk create asset request is higher than your approved quota.


Upload video only works with "direct-upload" collection type, please use correct collection to create an asset.


Input page size is higher than permissible value (100)


Can not delete uploaded original video while video asset is in 'queued' state. If you still want to do it please delete video asset using DELETE request on endpoint, it will delete your original video from Gumlet storage as well.


The original video already been deleted from Gumlet storage.


Could not find asset history associated with the specified asset id.


The parameter value you have provided is not valid.


Date string is not in correct format, please use yyyy-MM-ddThh:mm:ss format.


Starting date should be less than ending date.


You can only access data in any 60-day window.


Input property id is invalid, please get the correct collection id from Gumlet dashboard.


Query has an error, please contact [email protected]


Timezone passed is not a valid timezone string.