Our pricing is simple. You only get charged for bandwidth you use. Period.

You can do unlimited number of image transformations on your image for free. You only get charged for the resultant bandwidth usage. There is no minimum fee per month and no minimum commitment. We only charge for bandwidth from Gumlet servers to your users. There is no charge for pulling image from your origin server.

When you sign up, you also get 1 GB free bandwidth every month for first year. That means, if your monthly usage is less than 1 GB, you can use Gumlet FREE for 1 year.

Bandwidth usage is rounded to next integer GB. For example, if you use 50.3 GB in a given month, you will be charged for 51 GB of bandwidth usage.

All prices are exclusive of any taxes applicable. If you are subscribing from India, we will collect 18% GST on the total amount.

Gumlet Credits

We display our service usage in terms of Gumlet credits. One Gumlet credit equals 1 GB. Our current price per Gumlet credit is 0.1 USD or 7 INR.

How can you price it so low?

If you check our competitors, you might find that our pricing is simplest and lowest. Most of companies out there charge minimum monthly fees or have pricing tiers which are prohibitively expensive when you consider per GB costs.

We have very simple rationale that if we can get virtual servers for $5 a month these days, there is no need to pay double of that just to do image operations. Our per GB price includes CDN costs as well as our service costs. So, every time you perform a transformation, we charge you for the bandwidth + small markup on CDN price.

It's really that simple. We want developers to stop doing image transformations on server and offload that task to simple, scalable and cheap service. We have realized how frustrating it can become to store 10 different size and thumbnails of same image.

Go ahead and offload image manipulation on Gumlet, we deliver best images while you concentrate on your core business.

Non-payment consequences.

You can sign up without credit card but if your usage exceeds 1 GB or you have created an image source or your first year has ended, we will send you invoice at start of month. We give time of 30 days to pay the balance.

If you don't pay after repeated reminders, we return 404 response for your images until the balance is paid. If the balance is not paid for extended period, we will be forced to delete your image source and the namespace becomes available for anyone to use.

We suggest that you add credits to your account as soon as you receive notification from us to have uninterrupted service. Best practice is to add credits for next 5-6 months before usage. That way, you need not pay every month and enjoy service without any disruption.