Integrate Gumlet with your Wordpress website in 10 minutes

Wordpress is one of the most widely used platform to build websites across the globe. From small blogs to big media houses and from small e-commerce store to multi-million dollar online business all use Wordpress and WooCommerce. Wordpress provides the flexibility to build different kinds of websites with minimal technical effort.

Now whether you are running a media company or e-commerce store, images are always going to form a big part of your content. Delivering those images in fastest way possible to user should be priority of every website owner.

Gumlet can help your Wordpress website in following ways:

  1. Automatic Image Resize: We resize all images automatically according to client device type so each and every user gets the most optimised images suited for their device.

  2. Automatic WebP: We deliver WebP images to browsers which support the format automatically which saves bandwidth and helps load the webpages much faster.

  3. CDN Delivery: All images processed via Gumlet is delivered through CloudFront CDN with more than 100 POPs across the world. It ensures lowest latency for all of your images.

  4. SVG and GIF Optimisations: We optimise all SVG and GIF images to reduce their size.

Integrate Gumlet with Wordpress

1. Create Account

Please create a Gumlet account by signing up if you haven't done already.

2. Create Image Source

You need to create image source by selecting Web Folder as image source type. In the Base URL section, please enter the hostname from where all of your images are currently being loaded. You will need to choose a subdomain form which all your images will be loaded.

Create Image Source

After above information added, please click Next -> button and you will be taken to another screen. You can just leave the settings as it is there and click Save button to create image source.

Once above stps are complete, your image source is ready.

3. Install and Configure Plugin

Install and active Gumlet Plugin for wordpress.

Now go to Plugins -> Gumlet Plugin -> Settings on Wordpress dashboard where you will see the wordpress plugin settings screen. You need to enter the subdomain you created in Step 2 in Gumlet Source field. If your images are loading from other domain than your Wordpress website domain, please enter than domain name in CDN URL field.

Gumlet Plugin Settings Screen

Once above steps are completed, please clear Wordpress cache and your images should now be served via Gumlet.

What next?

You can check our API reference if you need any help on how Gumlet image processing APIs work. Please feel free to reach-out in case you need any further help. We hope you would like the service. Please don't forget to leave a positive review for our plugin.