Custom Domain (CNAME + SSL)

Now a custom domain can be added to the Gumlet source. This allows serving images from your own domain ( rather than a Gumlet subdomain (

Custom Domain with Gumlet CDN

This guide assumes that you have already created a Gumlet source. If you are setting up the Gumlet for the first time, please follow this guide to create a Gumlet source.

Once a source is created, please follow these steps to add a custom domain:

1. Go to edit source.

2. Create a custom domain

Go to the "CDN & Custom Domain" section on the edit source page.

  1. Select "Gumlet CDN" in the CDN Type field.

  2. Enter your desired domain in the "Custom Domains" section.

  3. Save the changes

Require custom domain with CloudFront CDN?

Custom domains with CloudFront CDN are only supported for Business plan users. Please contact our support chat or email for the same.

3. Create a CNAME record in your DNS records

Create the following CNAME record to start using your custom domain. Please replace with your own domain. If your gumlet source is then add the following CNAME record. CNAME

That's it! Your custom domain will now be live with a valid SSL certificate. Open your custom domain in a new tab to validate the setup.

4. Update your Gumlet integration

Update your Gumlet (JavaScript or WordPress) plugins to change how the images are served. Please use the new custom domain ( in your Gumlet integration instead of the old Gumlet subdomain (

The site may appear slow when you switch to the new domain. It would take a few minutes to build up the cache. Images will be super fast after a few page loads.

FAQs and Troubleshooting

Does my plan include a Custom domain?

All paid plans (Pro, Appsumo, Business & Enterprise) support custom domain. Each custom domain for Gumlet CDN costs $5 / month extra. Check your plan details on the billing panel to see if you have any free custom domains.