Analytics Dashboard

Metrics to monitor image delivery

You can monitor your image delivery performance with our analytics dashboard. It can be accessed by visiting Analytics tab on Gumlet dashboard.


You can check all important metrics like bandwidth consumed and number of requests at a glance on the dashboard. The panel allows you to switch analytics to different month or filter it by a specific source.

Gumlet Usage Metrics
  • Bandwidth Consumed: Indicates the Gumlet CDN bandwidth usage for delivering your optimized images. 1 GB bandwidth consumed = 1 Gumlet credit.

  • Bandwidth Saved: This is indicates how much bandwidth is saved due image optimization. Without Gumlet your website or app would have used this much more bandwidth. Every GB of bandwidth saved contributes to saving electricity 2 kWh! Let's make our planet greener 🌎!

  • Total request: The number of images and other files served via Gumlet CDN.

  • Transformations: The number of image variants created and cached by Gumlet for your website.


It shows daily bandwidth consumption and number of requests received by our CDN. This bandwidth consumption decides your invoice amount.

Daily bandwidth usage and number of requests


This panel shows information about how uncached requests were handled. For example, if width=600 is requested but it's not available in cache, we need to perform a transformation on master image.

  • Master Images Processed

    • Total number of unique master images processed per day

  • Total Transformations

    • Total number of derivatives made from master images

  • Transformation Response Time

    • How long did it take for our server to process the image

    • This time also includes time to fetch the image from origin hence we display a stacked graph

  • Origin Cache Hit Ratio

    • How many percent of total transform requests could be served from our origin cache


The graphs show distribution of 2xx, 3xx, 4xx and 5xx response codes. You can get insight about image delivery failure from these metrics.

Image Delivery Health

CDN Performance

These are metrics show how long does it take for end-user to get image. It also shows CDN cache hit ratio.

CDN Performance