Frequently Asked Questions


How is the bandwidth charge calculated?

We calculate bandwidth as the amount of data transferred from our CDN to your users. If your image bandwidth was 10 TB before you switched to Gumlet and it becomes 6 TB after the switch, you will only be charged for 6 TB by us.

There is no extra charge for number of requests, number of transformations, caching or storage.

Is there a minimum charge per month?

We don't charge any amount if your usage is zero in given month or you have only used the bandwidth from free tier. Our charge is however $1 per 10 GB usage so if you use our service in a month, you will be charged minimum $1.

Why the price is lower than the one displayed on CloudFront website?

We have committed use contracts with CloudFront which reduces per GB pricing of CloudFront for us. We serve more than 100 TB images in a month and hence enjoy lower per GB pricing. Rather than beefing our profit margins, we chose to pass it on to our customers.

We also provide same price across the globe so you can enjoy very predictable pricing structure.