Transformation & Overlays

Trim, crop, or add padding to your videos. Custom overlays can be added while processing.

Transform your videos on the go. Set up the configuration once and all uploaded videos will be processed with the transformations specified in the video profile.

Trimming and Cropping Configurations

Trim a Clip

Trim videos while processing from start or end. This parameter allows you to configure auto-trimming for all the videos.

Crop a Clip

Crop videos while processing horizontally or vertically. This parameter allows you to configure auto-cropping for all the videos.

Padding and Overlays


Padding allows you to add padded space around your videos. You can also choose padding color, padding size, and the place where you want to apply padding.

Image Overlays

Add Image Overlays to your videos, and customize the size and position. The image will be added to your videos.
Tip: Add a watermark or logo to your videos with this config.

Text Overlay

Text overlay allows setting any text as an overlay on the video. Font size, color, font face, and position can be customized to suit your needs.

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