Video CMS

Manage video files after they are uploaded to Gumlet

Gumlet is built to improve user experience and engage your users. For you to get started quickly, we have created a video CMS (content management system) to manage all assets via a simple web interface. You can head to the content management section, and you will see this screen:

Video CMS

Video CMS

Switching Collections

We allow users to create multiple collections to manage their content efficiently. You can create more collections directly from the CMS or switch to a different collection.

Switch collection

Search & Filter Videos

Finding your content is faster with our asset search.

Video search and filter

Video search and filter

  • Search by Title or asset_id

    You can search files via atitle or asset_id and you will find it in a jiffy.
  • Filter by Tags

    You can filter your videos with the tags that you assigned to them.
  • Filter by Status

    Naturally, we show all the videos that your collection holds. You can filter them based on status like.Ready, Processing, etc.
  • Using APIs

    All the actions possible through the dashboard are also available via REST APIs. You can check List Assets API for details.

Quick Asset Preview

You can click on the title in the CMS for a quick preview of the video. You can play your video and edit details such as title, description, and tags from the quick preview mode.

Quick Asset Preview - Video CMS

What’s Next