Content Management

Manage video assets after they are uploaded to Gumlet

Gumlet is made for developers where they have full control over all video assets via powerful APIs. We however also make it very easy to manage all assets via simple web GUI. When you head over to content management section, you will see screen like this.


Video management screen on Gumlet dashboard

Switching Collections

You can select dropdown on top-right corner of screen which shows all your collections. You can easily switch between collections using this dropdowns. Please note, every collection has it's own content manager and you can't move content between collections.

Search Videos

You can search videos by its title or asset_id by simply putting it in search box.

Filter by Tags

Tag dropdown allows easy filter of videos via tags. All of your tags will appear here and you can click on tag to show those videos which have that specific tag applied.

Filter by Status

By default, Gumlet will show all videos in all status. If you only want to see videos which are in certain status, you can select them.

Using APIs

All the actions which are possible through dashboard is also available via REST APIs. You can check List Assets API for details.