Asset Management

Manage individual video assets via Gumlet dashboard

When you click on any video on content management screen, you are taken to details of that video. This section describes features and capabilities of asset management page.

Input Details

This section lists input video and transcoding parameter details. It shows all technical details about input video, the parameters applied at transcoding and asset metadata like title, description and key-value pairs.


Input details

It's also possible to edit details like title, description, tags and metadata from this page by clicking Edit Details button.

Status Events

This section shows event trail for that video. It typically lists events like queued, downloading, processing and ready. Each event has its timestamp listed so you can ascertain how much time was taken in that state.


Event details for a video

Storage Details

Storage section lists all files which are stored by Gumlet and their storage size. If you ever need to find a specific file or its name and size, this section makes it easy to find it.


Storage details section for video asset

Output Details

This section has details related to video output.


You can play the video here. It gives you context or easy way to check video without setting up any player.

Playback URL

This is output URL like HLS, DASH or MP4 URL which can be used to play video. DASH stream has .mpd extension, HLS stream has .m3u8 extenstion and MP4 stream has .mp4 extension. This URL is CDN URL which means your video will also be cached globally via CDN and will be available with very low latency for your users.

Thumbnail URL

This URL is image thumbnail for video. You can use this anywhere you want to show thumbnail. This URL also supports all image operations listed here.

Status URL

This URL gives video details as JSON output. Please note, this is authenticated endpoint and you must provide authentication headers to view this.


Output details for video asset