Video Asset Events

Gumlet video processing service emits certain events for each video asset to give a detailed view.

Gumlet video processing service emits seven different kinds of events based on the current phase of a video asset throughout the processing pipeline. Latest event is shown on video list page on video CMS and entire status trail can be viewed on video details page.

These events can be consumed with the help of Webhooks or Video Asset Status API. These events can help you automate your video publishing pipeline.

Event StatusDescription
pre-queuedVideo Asset is created in the Gumlet system. Video Assets with this status are not available for streaming yet.
queuedVideo Asset is queued to be picked up by processing. If your original video is encoded with H.264or H.265video codec and AAC audio codec then the Video Asset will be available for streaming.
downloadedVideo Asset is downloaded from your original video storage on the processing server.
validatedGumlet processing server performs some sanity checks on the download video file. Video assets will be in this state when all sanity checks are passed successfully.
optimzedWhen per_title_encodingoption is enabled, Gumlet determines target transcoding configurations for the video with help of analyzing video content. Video assets will be in this state when the analysis is complete.
processedVideo Asset is transcoded and awaiting to be uploaded in the Gumlet storage.
readyVideo Asset is available for streaming with optimizations, specified output format, and resolutions.
erroredVideo Asset will be in an errored state when it has encountered any error throughout the processing pipeline.