Let's start integrating Gumlet. The following quick start guide will help you setup in no time.
Integrating with Gumlet is super easy. You have to include our SDK, write a config with your property identifier and pass it to our SDK along with the player object. Our SDK will take care of the rest.

Create a new property

Property is a Gumlet Insights application which groups your data from different sources i.e. web and mobile application into one. An account can have multiple properties.
We recommend using one property for every new project.

To create a new property

  1. Open Gumlet dashboard link
  2. Navigate to Properties in Video Inights in the menu
  3. Click on "Add New Property" on the top right section of the screen
  4. Give your property a name and description
  5. Click on Create Property
  6. Your new peoperty is ready

Each property is assigned a property id, use it in the next steps to complete the SDK setup.

We have the following SDK which are available.

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