Embed Videos

A complete guide on embedding Gumlet videos on your webpage.

It's very easy to embed Gumlet processed video on your webpage. All you need to do is to copy embed code from asset page and paste it in on your webpage.

Gumlet embed code has following structure.

<iframe style="width:100%;aspect-ratio: 1200 / 675;" 
        title="Gumlet video player" 
        allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" 

Here you must replace {{asset_id}} in src to actual asset id of the video. There are many parameters you can pass to that URL to customise your embedded video. It's also advised to change aspect-ratio property in the style tag to actual aspect ratio of video for best viewing experience.

All parameters must be passed as query parameter in above URL e.g. https://api.gumlet.com/v1/video/embed/653abcd828dcab?preload=true

Parameter Reference

Query ParameterDescriptionPossible ValuesDefault Value
preloadPreload video even before user clicks play button. It allows for instant playback of video.true or falsefalse
autoplayEnable or disable video autoplay. Please note, autoplay videos will have their audio disabled on all browsers.true or falsefalse
thumbnailProvide custom thumbnail image for video embed.Any valid image URLDefault thumbnail created by us.
vast_tag_urlVAST tag that should be used to display ads while playing this videoAny valid VAST tag URLundefined
start_high_resStart video playback with highest resolution for best quality at start.true or falsefalse
player_colorTheme color for the playerAny hex color value#6658EA
gm_property_idGumlet insights property id in which the viewer analytics should be pushed.Any valid property idDefault property for your account.
tokenDRM playback token. This must be passed if the video is DRM encrypted.Generated one time token for DRM playback.undefined
expiresDRM token expiry timestamp in milliseconds since epoch. This must be passed if video is DRM encrypted.Expiration timestamp for the DRM playback token.undefined
logo_urlURL of logo to display during video playback.Any valid image URL.undefined
logo_heightLogo height in pixels.Any pixel height.100px
logo_widthLogo width in pixels.Any pixel width.100px
logo_positionLogo position in player.top, topleft, topright, right, bottomright, bottom, bottomleft, bottomleft, leftbottomright