Generate Subtitles

Generate subtitles automatically for your videos

Gumlet can automatically generate subtitles from the speech in the video file. Once you set this configuration in the video profiles, your processed videos will have subtitles.

We use state-of-the-art voice-to-text machine-learning methods to convert audio into text. Once those texts are generated, we generate the required manifest files to display subtitles in HLS or DASH streams.

Generate subtitles

We need two inputs to generate subtitles automatically:

  • Input audio language
  • Output subtitle language(s)

You can generate up to 4 subtitles for a given video. To generate subtitles, go to Generate Subtitles section on the profile creation/editing page.

For developers

If you wish to generate subtitles via API, there is a generate_subtitles object that you must pass for create or update profile API.

What’s Next