Appsumo Guide

Deal FAQs

How to redeem the deal?

If you have got the coupon code, redeeming deal is super easy. You can go to coupons page and paste your coupon code there.

Your redeemed code will be shown in the coupon history and you will get your credits in next invoice. Simple!

Can I claim multiple coupons?

Yes! You can buy multiple coupons and redeem in same way as above. The maximum coupons you can redeem at a time is 5.

100 Credits don't show in available credits. Is there a problem?

The credits are not directly added to your account but we will reduce your invoice by that much amount when we create invoice for the month. Rest assured, you will get 100 GB bandwidth for free for lifetime!

How to check if the coupon redemption was successful?

You can head over to coupons page and check if the coupon you redeemed is displayed there. If it's there, you successfully redeemed coupon and you will get your free credits starting next invoice!

I did not get any credits. Is everything working fine?

Please check this page: If you can see the coupon redeemed there, you will get discount upto 100 GB in all of your invoices from now on.

What happens when I use up the free 100 GBs?

When this happens, you will receive invoice at end of month and you need to pay $1 per 10 GB of extra bandwidth used. Don't worry, we will give ample time to pay your balance.

What if i use only 50 GB of bandwidth will i get 150 GBs next month?

No, we don't roll over unused credits to next month. If you use only 50 GB of credits this month, you won't need to pay anything. If next month, you use 150 GB, you need to pay for that extra 50 GBs.

Will Gumlet work on


Yes! We have Wordpress plugin which can be installed and you can get started in minutes.


Our Wordpress plugin will work just fine with your WooCommerce store.


We currently don't support shopify stores. We tried our best but it is not possible to integrate with Shopify without changing every image tag in the liquid theme.


We do support optimising images on Magento. Please follow this simple guide to start serving optimised images.

Django, Larvel, Angular, Rails etc. Web Frameworks

Please follow our Gumlet.js (JavaScript plugin) integration. Getting started guide.

Webflow, Wix, Squarespace and Weebly

We don't support optimising images for above platforms. We will keep these in our mind though and if there is huge demand, we will be publishing plugins when needed.